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Have you been charged with a criminal offence?

Dahlem Criminal Defence can help you.

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Why do you need Dahlem Criminal Defence?

Tyson Dahlem founder of Dahlem Criminal Defence

You have been charged with a criminal offence. It is overwhelming. There is a massive system of police, courts, and prosecutors all there to put people in jail. It is up to you to defend yourself.

You need a good criminal lawyer. You need a good defence. You need a good criminal defence lawyer.

You need Dahlem Criminal Defence.

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How can Dahlem Criminal Defence help me?


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Getting charged with a criminal offence is stressful. Something happened, the police got involved and now you need to spend money on a criminal lawyer. You need a lawyer you can afford, but you need a criminal lawyer who can actually help you.

We have a 95% success rate. We get favourable outcomes for our clients. We can help you too.

Your first consultation is free. Call us and we will answer your questions. We can usually tell you right away how we can help you. You will need to tell us your charges, and tell us honestly what happened.

What you're quoted is what you will pay. Based on the information you give us, we can give you an idea of what you’re facing for jail time, fines, and other problems like losing your drivers licence. We will also tell you exactly how much it costs to hire us for your specific issue.

We have run hundreds of trials and defended clients from thousands of charges. We are experienced criminal lawyers. It’s all that we do. We take pride in doing our jobs well, and that’s for every single one of our clients.

You need a criminal lawyer who will get the best outcome for you. You don’t have to like hiring a criminal defence lawyer. But you need a criminal lawyer who listens. You need a criminal lawyer who explains the process and answers your questions. We will use all our skills to help you, no matter who you are or what you’re charged with.

You need to fight your charges. Being convicted of a criminal offence can ruin your life and the lives of people you care about.

Contact us now. We will fight for you.

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Why choose Dahlem Criminal Defence?

Experienced and effective

Tyson Dahlem (practice owner) has been a lawyer for 22 years and a criminal defence lawyer for over 17 years. He has an excellent record of favourable results for his criminal defence clients throughout Alberta.

Focused on results

Dahlem Criminal Defence focuses on one thing—getting the best result for you. We provide no-nonsense advice so you can make good decisions about your case. We will help you get on with your life, with as little disruption as possible.

Superior client service

We offer you easy access to your criminal defence lawyer and your file. You can text your criminal lawyer, and you can book phone, video and in-person meetings online. We have a client web portal so you can read and sign documents. Everything is accessible from your smartphone.

What charges can Dahlem Criminal Defence help me with?

Dahlem Criminal Defence has defended clients from over 1,500 criminal charges. These include assault, sexual offences, computer crime offences,  drug trafficking and drug possession. We have defended hundreds of impaired driving charges and property crime charges. We defend against weapons and firearms charges. These can occur with violent crime and drug-related charges.

Dahlem Criminal Defence can help you with bail hearings and negotiating peace bonds. We can also help with issues with probation, warrants and complying with court orders.  We can also help with record suspensions.

Dahlem Criminal Defence has extensive trial experience. This is critical for defending against charges like sexual assault. We will get your best possible outcome.

Can Dahlem Criminal Defence defend my computer crime charges?

Computer Crime

 Yes. Dahlem Criminal Defence has significant experience defending computer crime clients. Computer crime, also known as cybercrime, is becoming more and more common. In Alberta, cybercrime rates are almost as high as drug-related crime rates.

Computer crime includes any charge where computers, the internet or mobile phones are used. Charges such as child pornography, criminal harassment, drug trafficking and uttering threats. Computer crime includes white-collar crimes like fraud and unauthorized destruction of computer data.

Computer crime cases are complex. Computer crime cases need a criminal lawyer who has a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software. The trials can be lengthy, with many expert witnesses and thousands of pages of evidence. Significant trial experience is critical.

Dahlem Criminal Defence has the trial experience and technical skills to defend you from computer crime charges.

For more information on computer crime, click here.

Can Dahlem Criminal Defence defend my immediate roadside sanction?

Sexual Assault

Yes. Dahlem Criminal Defence has extensive experience defending clients charged with immediate roadside sanctions, or drink driving offenses.

Nowadays time is of the essence to defend against IRS offenses.  It's very important to contact a lawyer as soon as you receive one, so the lawyer can prepare the best defence possible for you.

Dahlem Criminal Defence has the determination and trial experience to defend against your IRS charges.

For more information on Immediate Roadside Sanctions, click here

Can Dahlem Criminal Defence defend my drug possession and drug trafficking charges?

Drug Trafficking

 Yes. Dahlem Criminal Defence has years of experience defending drug possession and drug trafficking charges. We have defended many clients on drug possession and drug trafficking charges from Banff, Canmore, Calgary and Lethbridge. This includes trafficking charges laid by the RCMP Integrated Traffic Enforcement Unit (Pipeline) in the Bow Valley.

Drug-related cases can be very technical. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of drugs, drug offence types and related property seizures.

Dahlem Criminal Defence has the experience and knowledge to help defend you from all types of drug-related charges.

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Where in Alberta does Dahlem Criminal Defence work?

We cover all court jurisdictions throughout of Central and Southern Alberta. From our office in Calgary, out to Banff & Canmore and to Medicine Hat, and from Ponoka all the way south to Fort Macleod & Lethbridge, Dahlem Criminal Defence can help you.

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