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Fort Macleod is home to one of the very first RCMP detachments in Canadian history. It was called the Northwest Mounted Police. The Provincial Court in Fort Macleod serves a large area. The town gets its name from James Macleod, who was the second commissioner of the NWMP. Due to COVID closures in Cardston and Pincher Creek matters are being heard in Fort Macleod. It is busier than some other rural locations.

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What goes into court in Fort Macleod?

If you are charged with a criminal offence in the Fort Macleod and surrounding area, you will make your first appearance in Fort Macleod. In addition, matters from Ardenville, Granum, Claresholm, Stavely and Nanton also appear in Fort Macleod Creek Provincial Court.

The RCMP Integrated Traffic Enforcement Unit operates on Highway 3 and are there primarily for drug interdiction. All highway drug interdictions between Pincher Creek and Coalhurst go into Fort Macleod Provincial Court. All drug interdictions on Highway 2 as far north at Nanton go to Fort Macleod Provincial Court.

The Provincial Court in Fort Macleod is part of the Lethbridge circuit of Provincial Court judges. The prosecution of criminal code offences in Fort Macleod is conducted by the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service out of Lethbridge. The prosecution of drug and other offences of federal jurisdiction is conducted by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada out of the Calgary Office. All victims of a crime are assisted by Fort Macleod and District Victim Services. All serious indictable matters that go to trial in the Court of Queens’ Bench do so at the Lethbridge Court of Queen’s bench.

The Fort Macleod Courthouse

Provincial Court
Fort Macleod
244 Chief Red Crow Blvd
Fort Macleod, AB, T0L 0Z0

fort macleod provincial court

Sitting Times for Provincial Court (Criminal) in Fort Macleod

Every Wednesday 10:00 A.M.

Sitting Times for Provincial Court (Family & Youth) in Fort Macleod

Every 3 Friday (Youth) at 10:00 A.M.

Every 3 Friday (Family & Child Enhancement) 9:30 A.M.

Fort Macleod Civil

Juridicial Days

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